Can Portals survive Burning Man?

Portals are designed by Burners! The mirrors are sealed to keep the Playa dust out.



What is Portal a portal to?

Portal Infinity Mirrors is more than just wearable art - it's a gateway to wonder, joy, expression, and beauty. Our products are designed for imaginative people who want to experience the transformative power of art in their lives.

Discover a new dimension of creativity and self-expression with Portal Infinity Mirrors. Whether you're wearing our iconic infinity mirror necklace or displaying them as unique home decor, you'll be transported to creative states of awe and wonder.

We're excited for you to experience and share the magic of wearable art.



Do Portals rip a hole through the space-time continuum?

No, at least not in our universe.



Will these work as flow toys?

Portals aren't designed to be flow toys and can break if they get thrown.



Is it safe around children?

Children absolutely love Portals! However, these are not meant to be toys and young children may require adult supervision.



I am a retailer/distributor, do you offer wholesale?

Please contact us as Hello@PortalMirrors.com for more information



Is it really bigger on the inside?

No, it's smaller on the outside.



Have more questions? Email us at Hello@PortalMirrors.com for answers.